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Collaboration means aggregation of people when and where it is needed to allow them to work together. But it also means removing the spatial and technological barriers. In many ways, collaboration is the opposite of bureaucracy and the antidote to the compartmentalised company. In a quarterly report by McKinsey in July 2017 on the change in the culture of work, analysts explain that because change is unpredictable, the wider the context that is offered to their employees, the more they will be able to make decisions appropriate in addressing change. Building better collaboration mechanisms is a way to achieve this, says McKinsey.

James Ludwig, vice president og Global Design and Engineers, he said: this only works if everyone collaborates as if they were under one roof, while the technology opens the roofs.

Not always the pace of change and innovation allows the construction of the traditional model of team spirit. Gartner defines a new style of work called "swarming", thickening, characterized by a strong aggregating activity by anyone who has the will and the ability to add value. Swarming is an agile response to an observed increase in the demands of ad hoc actions, as ad hoc activities continue to supplant structured and bureaucratic situations. Such densities are formed quickly, solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity and then dissipate just as quickly (*).
TELELAVOR d.o.o. (Partner Consultant)
Human resources professional, web accessibility consultant, trainer, usability auditor.

NuovaReti was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Franco and Stefano Colavitti.
Fifteen years of experience, first in computer networks and then in geographic networks, with a growing commitment, and a total dedication, in delivering services increasingly essential to the development of companies, the revival of the territory, information and all the domestic uses. Confident of having given value to our areas of coverage, bringing broadband even where no one imagined it, where for others it did not fit, today we put ourselves back into play with a new structure.

In 25 years of history we have met several partners with whom we have done business. At this time, depending on the need, we turn to European professionals through the Microsoft Partner Network circuit. Locally we interact with companies able to offer services necessary to create added value.
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